Sunday, December 17, 2017

Togo 2007

The soil from Togo was collected by Idamou N'Tcha close to his home in the Tamberma Valley on September 15th 2007.  Ambassador Dunn and Peace Corp volunteer Charlie Gillig made the contact and collection possible.
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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Here is a model on a 30 to 1 scale presenting populations within Gross Domestic Product (GDP) categories.  The full scale structure would measure 50 feet by 90 feet. There are 34 squares each representing populations within GDP per capita levels of $2,000.

Viewing from the top, each square foot (within each square)  equals about
3,000,000 people.  For example,  218,017,976 people are in countries with a GDP per capita between
$12,000 and $14,000.  The square measures 8.5' by 8.5' or 72.5 square feet ( 72.5 x 3,008,000 or about
218 million people).

The height of the square (oblong) represents the GDP per capita : each .75 feet =  $2,000.  So for this population of 218,017,976 the square rises nearly 5 feet ( 7 x .75 = 5).

The largest square measures 29 feet per side or 850 sq feet ( population @ 2,558,366,717 ).  The structure is only 9 inches high or GDP per capita under $2,000.  This is 35% of the planet's population, a dismal number indeed.  In fact nearly 75% of the people on Earth live in countries with a GDP per capita under $8,000.