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WORLD GDP "M-2" -(Step six)

WORLD GDP (step six)

Another shot of the process.  Notice the block with 50-52 on top.  This is the U.S. by itself.


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WORLD GDP "M-2" (Step Five, shaping the blocks)

Here is the block outline "12-14" representing the GDP per capita of $12,000 through $14,000 category.  Countries include Nauru, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Venezuela, Poland, Croatia, Antigua & Barbuda, Latvia and Lithuania.  It measures 7" by 7" with a height of 1 3/4
inches.  Total population is 104,615,162, about 1.5% of the globe.

This is one of 33 blocks.


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WORLD GDP "M-2" (Step Four)

Earth GDP - step four

It's now time to make the 33 blocks that will represent the GDP per capita groupings.   A good example is the United States with a cube measuring 14.3 inches square with a height of 6.75 inches.


Here is the work area :

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WORLD GDP "M-2" (step three)

WORLD GDP per capita - step three


Each of the incremental increases in GDP at $2,000 increments were then added by populations.  For example, countries and populations from $128 (Somalia) to $1,837 (Solomon Islands) totaled 2,725,625,971---30 countries.  And the level from $38,000 to $40,000 totaled a population of 133,357,315 (New Zealand, United Kingdom and France).

Each of these GDP per capita population categories are then converted to square size for the "canvas".  The total area for 7 billion population is depicted in 4'x6' feet (3456 sq. in.).  So if the first level of 0-$2,000 has a population of over 2.7 billion the canvas square is 36.66 inch representation or 39% of global population (.39 x 2.7 billion). Level $34,000 to $36,000 with 60,917,978 will have  a square of 5.48 inches or about 1%.

We now factor in each square, GDP per capita levels.  A $2,000 increment will add 1/4 of an inch in depth.  For example level $50,000 to $52,000 will have a block thickness of 6.5 inches.

This linked chart should clarify the math.

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WORLD GDP "M-2" (step two)

WORLD GDP per capita - step 2


The next step organized the data by GDP per capita, country and population.  The incremental categories were in steps of $2,000.  For example, Somalia began the first level ( 0 to $2,000 ) at $128 with Solomon Islands ending it at $1,837.  The population is 2,725,625,971 in this first level comprising 56 countries.
The fourth level of $6,000 to $8,000  reached a population of 1,623,268,751 with 18 countries. The categories continued and finally ended with Liechtenstein at $158,977 and a population of 36,656 in 2012.

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